ColdFusion Development Tools

Adobe ColdFusion is a rapid web application development platform with its unique scripting language – ColdFusion Mark-up Language (CFML). It is used for building data-driven websites or intranets and can be used for generating remote services as well, especially for server-side technology.  Some of the key features of ColdFusion are easy access of database, client-side code generation, client and server cache management, file indexing, server clustering, simplified web service implementation etc. There are numerous free tools available for ColdFusion development that ColdFusion development services in New York can use.

ColdFusion Developer’s Version

Adobe offers a free developer’s version of ColdFusion which has a few restrictions, in the sense that it will answer to a limited number of IP addresses and certain cfchart and cfdocument will have watermarks placed on the generated content. Developers have the option to upgrade to the paid version once they have installed it.  There is a trial version too, without any restrictions, but with 30 days validity.

ColdFusion Development Tools

Some of the ColdFusion Development Tools are:

  • Build Tool – Can be used to regularly execute commands such as managing directories, copying files, updating databases, running unit tests among other things.
  • Unit Testing – Which are codes that check some other codes that has been written to ensure it is working as expected. It can be used to test simple codes and hundreds of unit tests can be developed based on the project requirements.
  • Report Builder: It can be used by the developer to design structured, repeating-region reports for ColdFusion applications development.
  • ColdFusion Editor -Look for text editor with ColdFusion language support such as Dreamweaver for color coding, language reference and RDB integration, CFEclipse Plugin for working with Eclipse, Java builder or Flex builder and CFStudio
  • Adobe Flash and Flex Remoting Components – It can be used for simplifying the Flash and Flex application development process by providing a programming model and runtime support for connecting ActionScript directly to remote ColdFusion pages, components, server-side ActionScript files and web services

Some of the other indispensable ColdFusion developers’ tools are code generators, IDEs, frameworks, open source application such as bug trackers, monitoring tools etc.


A ramble into the ColdFusion Development Services

ColdFusion Development

ColdFusion initially developed was developed as a web application development platform that was supposed to work more rapidly than all the other available technologies of that time. It was also expected to connect the simple HTML pages to the database more conveniently as a complete scripting language. However, with the release of its advanced version in 1996, ColdFusion became a comprehensive platform including an IDE.

It was the year 2005 when Adobe Systems purchased the ColdFusion technology and in 2010 released its updates version that included advanced features for enterprise integration and development of rich Internet applications. Since then, the demand for ColdFusion and ColdFusion Developers has been on a rise. Apart from the technological advancement, the most attractive benefit of ColdFusion technology for the clients is its cost effectiveness.

Following graph shows a compared total cost of ownership:

cold fusion development

Due to its affordability, many IT companies are offering their ColdFusion Development Services in New York, California, Canada, Los Angeles and all the other IT hubs of the world.

ColdFusion Components

ColdFusion components make ColdFusion MX a preferred choice of ColdFusion Developers as this feature introduces the object oriented programming techniques into the ColdFusion feature list. These techniques have proved their importance for object oriented languages such as Java, C++, VB, etc.

A ColdFusion component is essentially a compilation of several vital functions that relates to a given entity, like for instance, a Customer. With ColdFusion technology, you may create a ColdFusion Component for reading all your customer records by doing such a programming.


What are the advantages of Cold fusion?

ColdFusion offers several advantages to its users. Few of them are:

  • It simplifies Installation and Migration
  • It openly supports cross-platform development by supporting all the Operating Systems (OS)
  • It is also compatible with all the Database
  • It catalyzes rapid development
  • It is user-friendly and easy to learn for skilled developers
  • Its improved version can support all the vital protocols
  • It allows access to all the J2EE libraries as well
  • It is also easy to integrate with other adobe products like Flex, Flash, PDF, etc.