ColdBox on ColdFusion

ColdFusion is a rapid web application development platform that includes IDE, scripting language and advanced features for enterprises for development and integration of rich internet applications. ColdBox is an event-driven, conventions-based MVC framework for ColdFusion. It reflects some salient features of ColdFusion, i.e., it is fast, scalable and runs on CFML engines such as Adobe ColdFusion and Railo, providing free and open source stack development.

More about ColdBox

ColdBox is professional open source software and is the first ColdFusion framework that used Conventions Over Configuration and is equipped with many out-of-the-box tools and plugins that developer can use. ColdFusion company providing this service in any location across the USA, be it New Jersey, San Francisco or Los Angeles will provide this service, covering- IDE integration, RESTFul services and also provide access to the extensive code-sharing community – ForgeBox.

ColdBox Components

ColdBox has certain core components which come with the framework as a package or as standalone libraries which can be used with any ColdFusion application framework. These components are:

  • LogBox

A highly configurable logging library, it can be set up to relay different types of messages from any portion of the application to any number of the pre-defined logging appenders.

  • CacheBox

It is a versatile caching aggregator and enterprise cache that allows multiple caching categories with granular control over cache behaviours and eviction policies.

  • WireBox

The Dependency Injection framework that comes with WireBox,supports all forms of injection while allowing the user maintain domain objects. WireBox interface also provides Java classes, web services, aspects of ColdBox framework and CacheBox integration. It also comes with inbuilt Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) support which will wean the system of Dependency Injection engine.

  • MockBox

MockBox is a library that has been designed to support tests and run them quickly without having to create mocks by hand.

Coping with ColdBox

ColdBox has an extensive Documentation process which provides developers with latest and most updated documentation to assist developers. They currently clock a record 600 documentation pages, books and guides to act as the developer’s best friend.

There is also an extensive developer support platform to help develop advanced enterprise applications on ColdBox.