ColdFusion Consultation and Services

The latest development in ColdFusion has rendered it more popular than ever before. And quite rightly so! It comes with more functionality, security, increased effectiveness, gives a developer the freedom to build additional applications to it or integrate web pages and databases.

ColdFusion Services encompass the following:

coldfusion consultationAdvantages of ColdFusion

  • Aids in faster development of dynamic and robust web applications.
  • Enhanced security for web apps and web services.
  • Compatibility with other platforms such as Linux, UNIX, Windows and Solaris.
  • Gives the choice to incorporate new functionality.
  • Enables application development, CMS development, web portal development, e-commerce development and shopping cart development.

Selecting ColdFusion Development Services

While selecting ColdFusion development services, look for the following skills:

  • Experience and expertise of the team of developers. They must be certified developers well versed with the skill to search for and seek the best possible solutions and quality services and support for your enterprise.
  • The team of programmers/developers should be able to develop customized systems and web applications that suffice your business requirements. They should be conversant with working on a small or large scale project with equal √©lan.
  • Maintain and adhere to specified guidelines (in terms of style, design and theme of the web site) as well as deadlines of the project, while keeping the client abreast with all the developments from time to time.
  • They must resolve to improve the functionality of the website according to customer needs through sound technical skills and honest dealings.
  • The developers must possess technical knowhow and experience in database layer development with Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL for building 2-tier web applications. They must have experience with ColdFusion Integration (with Flash/Flex) for building 3-tier web applications.
  • Ability to deal with ColdFusion Migration projects for enhancement of applications to higher versions. Not only this, cross-technology migration projects too need to be heeded to which may include cross-technology migration projects, Java to ColdFusion, for instance.
  • Experience in development of ColdFusion custom tags which may be reused in later projects for faster turnaround time.
  • The capability to develop ColdFusion web template development (CFM), ColdFusion Components (CFC) and integration of naive features to your web services.
  • ColdFusion development team for testing of projects developed, including third party testing of already developed ColdFusion applications.

Last, but not the least, with a plethora of companies offering ColdFusion consulting services, it is quite a daunting task to look for the best among them. However, a good consultation services company will always give prompt support for proper maintenance of ColdFusion projects. It is imperative that they have an application support and maintenance team in place.

Check out the projects already taken up by the company. It will give you details about both expertise and experience we earlier mentioned. Well, it is always better to be safe than sorry!