ColdFusion Web Application: For Fast and Scalable Web Applications

ColdFusion is an expressive yet easy programming environment which developers prefer for creating powerful server-side web applications — fast and by using minimum code as compared to technologies like ASP or PHP.

This is why ColdFusion is referred to as a rapid development platform which is used to build web applications. Programming tasks can be performed at a higher level as compared to other languages — you can build small or much complex and dynamic websites and applications using ColdFusion. Productivity has increased many folds!

Among other elements that sum up to make the ColdFusion environment, the important ones for building a ColdFusion application or website include ColdFusion Server that runs on top of your web server and ColdFusion templates (files) which are written by ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML).

Advantages of ColdFusion

The CFML syntax is quite similar to that of HTML and XML and so it becomes easier to learn this more powerful programming language. From sending bulk e-mails, sending queries to database, allowing users to upload files, having a shopping cart or publishing web services — you can do it all! With ColdFusion Administrator, you can even customize the ColdFusion environment.

Custom Web Based Applications with ColdFusion

ColdFusion will aid you in building interactive, dynamic and data-rich websites. No need of long drawn learning curve for understanding traditional programming languages with the ColdFusion application server.

Though traditional programming constructs are supported, however, applications can be created by extending standard HTML files with formatting functions, database commands and other conditional operators to ColdFusion processor.

Advantages of ColdFusion Web applications

  • ColdFusion applications can be built fast — Rapid development.
  • No coding is required except for simple HTML style tags.
  • ColdFusion applications can be easily tested and rolled out.
  • The ColdFusion Markup Language already comprises of all processing and formatting functions.
  • ColdFusion applications need less maintenance.
  • ColdFusion gives you a powerful development environment to work on.
  • ColdFusion comes with tools for troubleshooting and debugging applications.
  • ColdFusion makes linking with any database application and external services quite simple (access to COM – Component Object Model, CORBA – Common Object Request Broker Architecture, Java, C/C++)
  • ColdFusion is fast, high on performance and scalable.
  • Built-in support for .NET servers and web services.
  • ColdFusion encourages efficiency and collaboration between workforce in an organization.

ColdFusion: Past Revisited

ColdFusion, in short, is a web programming language that enables web page to communicate with a database. It was developed by Allaire in 1995. Then Macromedia acquired it in a merger in 2001. Later, in 2005, it was bought out by Adobe.

The latest release of ColdFusion is ColdFusion 11 Enterprise Edition and ColdFusion Builder 3 which give seamless workflow for mobile application development including building, testing, debugging, and deployment of web based or installed mobile applications.

The ColdFusion platform is also supported by servers from IBM and Microsoft etc. It shows portability across Windows, Unix, Linux or any other operating system, supports all major databases and is built on Java.

These are many reasons why ColdFusion has become the preferred development language for web applications. Portability, productivity, multi-platform support, cost effectiveness, seamless access to web services, dynamic websites and intranet applications is what makes ColdFusion such a special and powerful platform!


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