ColdFusion Consultation and Services

The latest development in ColdFusion has rendered it more popular than ever before. And quite rightly so! It comes with more functionality, security, increased effectiveness, gives a developer the freedom to build additional applications to it or integrate web pages and databases.

ColdFusion Services encompass the following:

coldfusion consultationAdvantages of ColdFusion

  • Aids in faster development of dynamic and robust web applications.
  • Enhanced security for web apps and web services.
  • Compatibility with other platforms such as Linux, UNIX, Windows and Solaris.
  • Gives the choice to incorporate new functionality.
  • Enables application development, CMS development, web portal development, e-commerce development and shopping cart development.

Selecting ColdFusion Development Services

While selecting ColdFusion development services, look for the following skills:

  • Experience and expertise of the team of developers. They must be certified developers well versed with the skill to search for and seek the best possible solutions and quality services and support for your enterprise.
  • The team of programmers/developers should be able to develop customized systems and web applications that suffice your business requirements. They should be conversant with working on a small or large scale project with equal √©lan.
  • Maintain and adhere to specified guidelines (in terms of style, design and theme of the web site) as well as deadlines of the project, while keeping the client abreast with all the developments from time to time.
  • They must resolve to improve the functionality of the website according to customer needs through sound technical skills and honest dealings.
  • The developers must possess technical knowhow and experience in database layer development with Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL for building 2-tier web applications. They must have experience with ColdFusion Integration (with Flash/Flex) for building 3-tier web applications.
  • Ability to deal with ColdFusion Migration projects for enhancement of applications to higher versions. Not only this, cross-technology migration projects too need to be heeded to which may include cross-technology migration projects, Java to ColdFusion, for instance.
  • Experience in development of ColdFusion custom tags which may be reused in later projects for faster turnaround time.
  • The capability to develop ColdFusion web template development (CFM), ColdFusion Components (CFC) and integration of naive features to your web services.
  • ColdFusion development team for testing of projects developed, including third party testing of already developed ColdFusion applications.

Last, but not the least, with a plethora of companies offering ColdFusion consulting services, it is quite a daunting task to look for the best among them. However, a good consultation services company will always give prompt support for proper maintenance of ColdFusion projects. It is imperative that they have an application support and maintenance team in place.

Check out the projects already taken up by the company. It will give you details about both expertise and experience we earlier mentioned. Well, it is always better to be safe than sorry!


Choosing ColdFusion Development Services for CMS

ColdFusion is a commercial rapid web application development platform by Adobe and is increasingly being preferred by developers globally for the ease of configuration, set-up and management. It is opted by professional web developers as well as amateurs who would like to create a personal, interactive web application. ColdFusion is being used by developers of all skill levels for more than 10 years and many great changes and improvements have been introduced over the years.

ColdFusion Advantage for End-Users

ColdFusion is free for end-users and supported by most major hosts. It is easy to master and navigate users can easily develop complex web-based applications. It can be freely accessed by web developers and includes all the development tools so you do not have to hunt down any additional resources. ColdFusion has many built-in hooks with Adobe products so that you can easily integrate any new features.

Since ColdFusion was initially designed to connect simple HTML pages to a database, HTML developers easily adapt and migrate to ColdFusion as a development tool. In the process ColdFusion has earned many loyal followers among web application developers. ColdFusion has advanced features for enterprise integration and rich internet application development.

Loving ColdFusion

The greatest reason why ColdFusion invokes the love of developers is its simplicity. It allows programmers to accomplish complex tasks with simple codes in a way that no other solution can. The prominent qualities extolled by ColdFusion development service providers are –

  • It bridges technology domains
  • Integrates smoothly with Microsoft technologies
  • Offers productivity and ease of use
  • Document management and manipulation

ColdFusion Developer Support

The ColdFusion developers’ community is strong and the support system and discussion boards work well to churn out new ideas and codes that can be easily integrated to create exceptional web applications and also develop the solution further. The ColdFusion tags are preferred by most developers for speeding development activities and all the behind-the-scenes scripting is arranged into easy-to-use tags for convenience.

To surmise ColdFusion offers a quick development cycle which helps in completing one application and moving onto the next quickly. This saves time and costs for ColdFusion development service providers as well as clients.

A ramble into the ColdFusion Development Services

ColdFusion Development

ColdFusion initially developed was developed as a web application development platform that was supposed to work more rapidly than all the other available technologies of that time. It was also expected to connect the simple HTML pages to the database more conveniently as a complete scripting language. However, with the release of its advanced version in 1996, ColdFusion became a comprehensive platform including an IDE.

It was the year 2005 when Adobe Systems purchased the ColdFusion technology and in 2010 released its updates version that included advanced features for enterprise integration and development of rich Internet applications. Since then, the demand for ColdFusion and ColdFusion Developers has been on a rise. Apart from the technological advancement, the most attractive benefit of ColdFusion technology for the clients is its cost effectiveness.

Following graph shows a compared total cost of ownership:

cold fusion development

Due to its affordability, many IT companies are offering their ColdFusion Development Services in New York, California, Canada, Los Angeles and all the other IT hubs of the world.

ColdFusion Components

ColdFusion components make ColdFusion MX a preferred choice of ColdFusion Developers as this feature introduces the object oriented programming techniques into the ColdFusion feature list. These techniques have proved their importance for object oriented languages such as Java, C++, VB, etc.

A ColdFusion component is essentially a compilation of several vital functions that relates to a given entity, like for instance, a Customer. With ColdFusion technology, you may create a ColdFusion Component for reading all your customer records by doing such a programming.


What are the advantages of Cold fusion?

ColdFusion offers several advantages to its users. Few of them are:

  • It simplifies Installation and Migration
  • It openly supports cross-platform development by supporting all the Operating Systems (OS)
  • It is also compatible with all the Database
  • It catalyzes rapid development
  • It is user-friendly and easy to learn for skilled developers
  • Its improved version can support all the vital protocols
  • It allows access to all the J2EE libraries as well
  • It is also easy to integrate with other adobe products like Flex, Flash, PDF, etc.